We provide a single comprehensive platform for your bank to offer cryptocurrency services

Cryptocurrency Custody

Hold cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ETH

USD to Cryptocurrency Exchange

Help customers convert USD to cryptocurrencies within your bank

Real-Time Payments

Send near-instant payments on private blockchain, 24/7/365

VaultLink is more than a cryptocurrency platform.
We are your partner in building a compliant cryptocurrency business.

VaultLink is here to support your growth. We work closely with world-class compliance and reporting partners to safely enable cryptocurrency custody, USD to cryptocurrency exchange, and real-time payments for your bank.

What are the benefits of custody and staking?

Prior to any cryptocurrency being transferred to a bank for custody from the general blockchain, it must pass through a gatekeeper that validates the provenance and checks against an ongoing bad actor wallet and associated wallet list. If accepted into the banking system, all token transfers must again pass money transmitter compliance or else the assets are quarantined pending approval. Your customers can custody their assets with your bank. Your bank can enable the VaultLink service that enables staking so your customers make a percent off of staking.

How do users get from USD to cryptocurrencies? Can we do that with VaultLink?

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as one of the most in-demand assets for consumers to own today. Companies such as Coinbase have built multi-billion dollar businesses onboarding customers to cryptocurrencies. VaultLink provides a secure and compliant environment to convert customer USD to crypto without leaving the bank. Don’t miss this generational opportunity to future-proof your business for the most in-demand assets.

How does cryptocurrency enable real-time payments?

Global commerce is operating 24/7 and it’s time that payments finally catches up. Before bank transfers and settlements needed T+2 days, lagging behind real-time transactions. Cryptocurrency is sent on blockchain. Within your organization, the time between when money leaves a payer’s account and becomes available in a receiver’s account is instant. Enable your payments to be made 24/7/365, anywhere in the world.

Knowledge Centre

Our experienced team will help you educate your customers on all aspects of the cryptocurrency market and the regulatory framework supporting it.

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